Small amount of exercise benefits over-60s

Thursday 6th August 2015 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

People over the age of 60 who undertake even a very small amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week, reduce their risk of death, a new study has found. According to the findings, greater longevity is possible even if older people do not reach the recommended amount of exercise. Ad... Read more →

The psychological effects of hepatitis C: 'It was a dirty and uneasy feeling and it began to haunt me'

Wednesday 5th August 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

It was in the early noughties when I first got my bloods tested. I wasn't even thinking about hepatitis C at that time, that wasn't on my radar at all. To be honest, I only got tested because a number of other people in the methadone clinic I attended at that time were getting tested. I had no idea ... Read more →

Couch to Camino: 7lbs down on Atkins as Andrea Smith continues her journey to the Camino

Wednesday 5th August 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

After losing 7lbs last week on the Atkins diet, I decided to keep it going for another week, while I was on a roll, like. Mind you, if you saw a knickerbocker glory sliding down the throat of someone who looked suspiciously like me in Roly's Bistro on Thursday evening, well that was just a delicious... Read more →

Are you in the Bank Holiday horrors? Scientists make breakthrough in battling hangovers

Tuesday 4th August 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

Australian scientists believe they have made a significant breakthrough when it comes to hangovers which might just save you the pain come next Bank Holiday Monday. The new research suggests that drinking pear juice before a night on the tear could dramatically reduce the impact alcohol on your bod... Read more →

Brain training app could help people with schizophrenia

Tuesday 4th August 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

A "brain training" iPad game developed in Britain may improve the memory of patients with schizophrenia, helping them in their daily lives at home and at work, researchers said on Monday. Scientists at Cambridge University said tests on a small number of patients who played the game over four weeks... Read more →

15 ways to stave off dementia

Tuesday 4th August 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

Evidence suggests that if key risk factors for dementia - such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyles - were addressed, fewer people would have it. We talk to Professor William O'Connor about ways to stave off this condition 1 Wear a helmet Head injury has been linked to ea... Read more →

Giving stroke patients paracetamol 'could save 25,000 lives'

Friday 31st July 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

Treating stroke patients with antibiotics and the commonly-used painkiller paracetamol could save up to 25,000 lives across Europe each year, according to researchers. A £4m study will investigate whether routinely offering these drugs to people who have just suffered a stroke would help to... Read more →

Five genetically-different types of prostate cancer identified

Friday 31st July 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

Five different recipes of prostate cancer have been identified, with major implications for the way the disease is treated. The "five ways" discovery was made by scientists who studied samples of healthy and cancerous tissue from more than 250 men. Tumours were grouped into five distinct cat... Read more →

Why eating for two during pregnancy may cause weight problem

Friday 31st July 2015 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

Eating for two during pregnancy may lead to a weight problem because of changes to the digestive system, new research suggests. Pregnancy causes hormone-driven growth of the intestines that allows more energy to be extracted from the same amount of food, a study shows. The discovery, made in... Read more →

Laya Healthcare announces price hikes

Thursday 30th July 2015 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Over half of Laya Healthcare policies are set to increase by an average of 4% from September, the health insurer has announced. Earlier this year, the company said that it had no plans to increase its premiums, however it has now confirmed that 55% of its policies will increase from September 1. I... Read more →