Judge appointed to give payments to women caught in CervicalCheck controversy

Wednesday 6th March 2019 - Eilish O'Regan - Irish Independent

Mr Justice Aindrias Ó'Caoimh has been appointed to chair an independent assessment panel which will give ex-gratia payments to women and families caught up in the CervicalCheck controversy. The payment will be for the non-disclosure of the results of an audit carried out on the smear t... Read more →

Fears Brexit could delay delivery of vital cancer products

Tuesday 5th March 2019 - Eilish O'Regan - Irish Independent

Top-level plans are being drawn up to try to avoid a risk to cancer patients in Irish hospitals in the event of a no-deal Brexit, which could cause a shortage of life-saving products vital to the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. There is particular concern around the prompt supply of t... Read more →

Here's how to tell if your teenager needs rest

Monday 4th March 2019 - - RTE

Most people can tell when they’re tired. We yawn a lot, we suffer from low energy, and somehow the seven snoozes on the morning alarm just don’t feel like enough. But unless they tell you (and you believe them), it can be much harder to tell when those around you are struggling with... Read more →

Treating healthcare as a human right

Friday 1st March 2019 - Lorna Siggins - The Irish Times

Counting down the minutes to medical attention while waiting on a hospital trolley in the wee small hours, one may have many thoughts: but not necessarily about the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Yet, under Article 12 of this treaty, Ireland has committed itself to ... Read more →

Food to help build and boost natural defences against colds and flus

Thursday 28th February 2019 - Paula Mee - Irish Times

We have three tiers of protection against parasites, bacteria, moulds, yeast, fungi and viruses. First we have natural physical defences. These include the skin, and the mucus membranes in the lungs and digestive tract. Tears, hydrochloric acid in the stomach and resident friendly bacteria in the gu... Read more →

What eating lunch at your desk every day is doing to your health

Wednesday 27th February 2019 - - RTE

Along with ghosting and online trolls, eating lunch ‘al desko’ has become a sadly common reality of modern life. Many of us see it as a necessity – you feel like you’ve got so much work to do that you can’t step away for even a second. And even though it might seem lik... Read more →

'Forget the fads. Enjoy your spuds and bread' - Why it's time to stop painting carbs as the villain

Tuesday 26th February 2019 - Orla Walsh - Irish Independent

Potatoes, bread and the carbohydrate food group of which they are part have been vilified time and time again. But do they really deserve their bad reputation? While it's easy to label some foods as either 'good' or 'bad' or something to avoid, carbohydrates - like most foods - are a little more c... Read more →

Skin patch can help children develop more tolerance to peanut, study involving Irish children finds

Monday 25th February 2019 - Geraldine Gittens - Irish Independent

A skin patch can help children develop more tolerance to peanut, according to new research. In a study involving over 350 children aged between four and 11, the children were asked to apply a specially designed patch, which contained either peanut or a placebo, to their skin every day for a year. ... Read more →

Just 30 minutes of exercise every morning may be as effective as drugs at lowering blood pressure - new research

Friday 22nd February 2019 - Jane Kirby - Irish Independent

Just 30 minutes of exercise every morning may be as effective as drugs at lowering blood pressure for the rest of the day, research suggests. A study found that a short burst of exercise - in this case, walking on a treadmill at moderate intensity - had long-lasting effects, and there were fu... Read more →

'My life was saved' - Actor Stephen Fry confirms he is 'fit and well' after prostate cancer

Thursday 21st February 2019 - Geraldine Gittens - Irish INdependent

Actor and writer Stephen Fry has announced that he has recovered from prostate cancer after undergoing surgery early last month. The 61-year-old posted a video on his website to tell fans that he is now "fit and well and happy". His cancer was discovered when he went to his doctor to get the flu j... Read more →