Warning about cancer misinformation

Thursday 16th February 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

A lot of information about cancer is inaccurate and misleading and can cause more harm than good, a leading doctor has warned. According to Dr Robert O'Connor, head of research at the Irish Cancer Society, a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating for all those involved, with many feeling overwhelme... Read more →

When antibiotics don’t work any more what can we do?

Wednesday 15th February 2017 - George Winter - Irish Times

The introduction of penicillin in the 1940s heralded the antibiotic era. We are now in the era of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Can we fight back? Penicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus – a common cause of bacterial infection – was reported as early as 1942 after only months of li... Read more →

Oral health of nursing home patients at risk

Tuesday 14th February 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

The oral health of thousands of nursing home patients nationwide is at major risk, a senior dentist has warned. According to Dr Anne Twomey, who is vice president of the Irish Dental Association (IDA), patients who have kept their teeth into old age can lose them within three months in a nursing ho... Read more →

The complete guide to stress and how you can banish it from your life

Monday 13th February 2017 - Patricia Murphy - Independent

Money, work and the state of our relationships - these are the three life issues that cause Irish people the most stress and while our daily worries might seem insignificant, they can have a profound impact on our overall health. While psychologists argue that a certain amount of stress can but g... Read more →

Report recommends medicinal cannabis use

Friday 10th February 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Medicinal cannabis should be considered to treat patients with certain conditions, a major new report has found. However, it warns that scientific evidence supporting the safe and effective use of cannabis products for medical treatment is ‘insufficient and at times conflicting'. The report ... Read more →

10 myths about back pain and how to cope when it strikes

Thursday 9th February 2017 - Dr Mary O'Keeffe - Indepent

Disc bulges, weak cores, joints out of place; if you suffer from back pain, you may have heard these words as the reason for your discomfort. Moving when your back is locked is sore, and you will do anything to avoid it. However, not moving feels worse. Back pain can be managed sensibly enough witho... Read more →

Awareness of psoriatic arthritis low

Wednesday 8th February 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Almost half of people affected by the skin disease, psoriasis, have never heard of the painful condition psoriatic arthritis, despite the fact that many of them will go on to develop it, new research has shown. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition, which appears as pink or red raised patches... Read more →

How to avoid passing cough and cold bugs to every family member

Tuesday 7th February 2017 - - Independent

If there’s one thing you can guarantee about a child, it’s that they’ll catch some — if not all — of the bugs going round their school or nursery. And what’s almost as certain is that someone else in the family — usually mum — will then catch it too... Read more →

Scientists in the US finally unlock mystery of why we need to 'sleep on it'

Monday 6th February 2017 - Ian Johnston

The purpose of sleep appears to be to help forget some memories so others can be stored for later use, two major new US studies suggest. For years, scientists have struggled to work out exactly why humans need to sleep for about a third of every day. The new research adds fresh weight to the idea... Read more →

Skipping breakfast 'raises risk of ill health'

Friday 3rd February 2017 - Saffron Alexander

Skipping breakfast or eating late in the day could raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity according to a new study. The study from a group of American researchers suggests that the time we eat our meal is equally as important as what we eat. Writing in the American Heart Associati... Read more →