People urged not to buy medicines online

Tuesday 14th March 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

People are being warned of the dangers of sourcing prescription medicines online as there can be no guarantees about their safety. The warning was issued by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), which has just published details of all of the illegal medicinal products it detained in 2016... Read more →

Planning lodged for new maternity hospital

Monday 13th March 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

A planning application for the new National Maternity Hospital (NMH), which is to be built on the grounds of St Vincent's University Hospital in Dublin, has been submitted to An Bord Pleanála. This project, which will see the current NMH on Holles Street move to St Vincent's, marks the singl... Read more →

Diagnosis of skin condition can take 8 years

Friday 10th March 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Many people living with the skin condition, hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), remain undiagnosed and for those who do manage to get a diagnosis, this process can take up to eight years, according to a new campaign run by the Irish Skin Foundation. HS is also known as acne inversa. It is a chronic skin... Read more →

Over-50s face range of health issues

Thursday 9th March 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

People over the age of 50 often face a range of health issues, such as depression, pain and obesity, however despite this, they continue to make significant contributions to their families and communities, a new report has shown. According to the latest findings from the Irish Longitudinal Study on... Read more →

15 Ways to control asthma

Wednesday 8th March 2017 - Niamh Cahill - Independent

The cold and flu season is well and truly under way and for some asthma sufferers, symptoms are worse during winter. This is a worry for many considering over 470,000 Irish people suffer from asthma. One in every five children and one in 10 adults have asthma. The condition is the most common... Read more →

Jump in number of living kidney donors

Tuesday 7th March 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Over 170 kidney transplants took place last year, 50 of which came from living donors, new figures have shown. According to figures from the Department of Health, this is the highest number of living donor kidney transplants ever recorded. In 2008, just 10 kidneys came from living donors and the hi... Read more →

Five surprising food myths that could be impacting your health and weight

Monday 6th March 2017 - Orla Walsh - Independent

Is organic food better for you? Are eggs bad for you? Finding out the truth about what's good for you is a minefield - so dietitian Orla Walsh separates the fact from the fiction. Myth 1: avoid foods that contain E numbers An E number is a reference number given to a food additive that h... Read more →

1,400+ waiting to see a genetic consultant

Friday 3rd March 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Over 1,400 children were waiting to see a genetic consultant at the end of January, a major conference has been told. Delegates were warned that there is currently a serious lack of funding for genetic services, which is only adding to waiting lists. The issues was highlighted at an all-island con... Read more →

Call for cigarette plain packaging start date

Thursday 2nd March 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

The Irish Cancer Society (ICS) is calling on the Government to replace branded cigarette packs with plain ones as soon as possible. According to the charity, a survey it carried out found that 78% of people support the introduction of standardised packaging of tobacco products. "There is a clear a... Read more →

Prescription charges reduced for over-70s

Wednesday 1st March 2017 - Deborah Condon - Irish Health

Prescription charges have been reduced for 390,000 people over the age of 70. From March 1, those over the age of 70 will be charged €2 per prescription item, a reduction of 50c. Meanwhile the maximum monthly limit per person or family will fall from €25 to €20. According to the Min... Read more →