Pea milk and mushroom porridge - the new superfoods hitting Ireland

Friday 18th May 2018 - Irish Independent - Irish Independent

For fashionable foodies, 2017 was the year of coconut oil, smashed avocado and chia seeds - but what will the on-trend kitchen whizzes be eating this year? From veggie teas to meaty fruits, there's a shopping basket full of new flavours to try out. We spoke to some of Ireland's leading foodies t... Read more →

Achoo! How to survive hay fever season

Thursday 17th May 2018 - Victoria Lambert - The Irish Independent

For anyone celebrating the arrival of spring by stockpiling over-the-counter hay fever treatments, news of a new vaccine may come as blessed relief. The treatment, developed in Vienna, involves synthetic grass pollen being injected into the sufferer's system, reducing the classic wheezi... Read more →

Exam season advice for parents: 'Their mental health is far more important than chasing points'

Wednesday 16th May 2018 - Celine Naughton - Irish Independent

As the exam season looms, revisions are in full swing, tensions are running high and the heat is on for the estimated 120,000 students preparing to sit this year's Junior and Leaving Cert from June 6. For parents it can be an equally anxious time, set to be even more challenging this ye... Read more →

Treats are no way to reward our children

Tuesday 15th May 2018 - Sarah Caden - Irish Independent

Last week, the results of a survey conducted by Safefood, the HSE and Healthy Ireland found that families with children spent 19pc of the average weekly food shop on what are classified as "treat" foods. In a survey of 500 households, they found that on average over a year, a family wou... Read more →

Get in tune with your body and use music to maximise workout results

Tuesday 8th May 2018 - Karl Henry - Irish Independent

One of the questions I get asked all the time is how to improve the results people are getting from their exercise. We are all so busy that it makes sense to want to get the most from our workout. Time is precious and it's a question I am always happy to answer. There are many ways to do this: you ... Read more →

Friday 4 May 2018 Why groundbreaking research has put pasta back on the menu - dietitian Orla Walsh

Friday 4th May 2018 - Orla Walsh - Irish Independent

A victim of the 'low carb' movement, pasta has got its fair share of bad press over the years. We were advised to swap our plates of spaghetti in favour of spiralised courgette or butternut squash. But now it's about to make a triumphant return to our plate as a major new study has contradicted ... Read more →

Debunking the myths of HPV - Everything you need to know

Thursday 3rd May 2018 - Dr Robert O'Connor - Irish Independent

Almost two-thirds of Irish people don't realise HPV can lead to cancer. Dr Robert O'Connor, Head of Research at the Irish Cancer Society, separates the fact from the fiction. We know that 300 women in Ireland are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer each year. We know that 90 women will die from... Read more →

Cervical cancer: Get to know the symptoms

Wednesday 2nd May 2018 - Heather Keating - Irish Independent

When I was 24 I noticed that I was bleeding in between periods and after sex. I was on the contraceptive pill at the time so my GP assumed it was a hormonal imbalance of some sort. When the bleeding didn't stop, I went back to my GP and I was then referred to a gynaecologist in my local... Read more →

What is 'text neck', and how can you get your skin glowing again after a long winter?

Monday 30th April 2018 - Kate O'Brien - Irish Independent

Our skin is a powerful expression of what is happening inside our bodies. And that elusive healthy glow we spend time and money trying to achieve, is actually dependent on internal balance in the body. So let's take a closer look at how skin really works at a cellular level to help you create st... Read more →

Ella Mills, Joe Wicks, and Happy Pear twins to star in Irish wellness festival next month

Friday 27th April 2018 - Geraldine Gittens - Irish Independent

Deliciously Ella founder, Ella Mills, will appear at next month’s WellFest along with Irish sport stars Anna Geary and David Gillick. The health and wellness festival takes place in Dublin’s Royal Hospital Kilmainham on May 12 and 13. Dr Hazel Wallace, author of The Foo... Read more →