HSE agrees to pay for costly drug

Thursday 5th February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

A decision by the HSE to extend the provision of a costly drug to people suffering with two rare genetic disorders has been welcomed. The HSE has confirmed that suffers of the diseases Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) and atypical Haemolytic Uraemic (aHUS) will have their access to the dru... Read more →

Calories on menus to be made law

Thursday 5th February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

From next year, all food service outlets, including restaurants and takeaways, will be required to include the calorie details of their meals on their menus. Proposals to require this were approved at the Government's Cabinet meeting this week. When made into law, food outlets will have to display ... Read more →

Low vitamin D levels linked to severe stroke

Thursday 5th February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Strokes may be more severe in people with low vitamin D levels, the results of a new study indicate. Vitamin D is known to be essential for healthy bones, but recent research suggests that it has a major role to play in other parts of the body also. According to US scientists, low levels of this vi... Read more →

Sale of cheap alcohol to be banned

Wednesday 4th February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

New measures to tackle alcohol abuse in Ireland, including a ban on the sale of cheap drink, have been announced by the Government. The proposed Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015 will see a raft of measures aimed at reducing the ‘enormous impact' alcohol misuse currently has on society. "Mos... Read more →

Healthy diet may lower COPD risk

Wednesday 4th February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

People who consume a diet high in whole grains and vegetables, and low in processed meat and sugary drinks, lower their risk of developing the serious lung condition, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a new study has found. COPD is an umbrella term for a number of chronic lung disorders... Read more →

Facebook envy could lead to depression

Wednesday 4th February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

People who use Facebook to compare their friends' lives to their own may be at risk of experiencing symptoms of depression, a new study suggests.US researchers set out to investigate if regular use of the popular social networking site could affect mental health.They surveyed over 700 college studen... Read more →

Pre-pregnancy health linked to child obesity risk

Tuesday 3rd February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Women who improve their health before they become pregnant could reduce their child's risk of becoming obese later in life, a new study indicates. There is already a growing body of evidence that suggests that a child's life in the womb and soon after birth can affect their risk of obesity. While s... Read more →

Teen screen time affects sleep

Tuesday 3rd February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

The more time teenagers spend looking at various screens during the day, the poorer their quality of sleep is likely to be, a new study has found. Norwegian researchers looked at over 10,000 teenagers aged between 16 and 19. All were asked about the amount of time they spent looking at various scre... Read more →

Call for more community x-ray services

Tuesday 3rd February 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Providing GPs with access to community-based x-ray services could reduce some of the pressure on Irish Emergency Departments (EDs), doctors have claimed. Currently in Ireland, if a patient suffers an extremity trauma - damage to one of their limbs, such as their hands or feet - they have to be refe... Read more →

Many cough medicines a waste of money

Friday 30th January 2015 - Deborah Condon -

Coughs are very common at this time of year, but people may be wasting their money on cough medications that have little or no effect, a new Irish study has found. According to the findings, many cough remedies that are available over the counter (OTC) in pharmacies have limited effectiveness when ... Read more →