Restaurant meals 'are busting calorie limit'

Friday 14th December 2018 - Eilish O'Regan - Irish Independent

The calorie content of popular meals in restaurant chains is excessive and only a minority are meeting public health recommendations, a new report warns. The study found an average of 751 calories in main meal dishes served by fast food chains. But there were 1,033 calories in dishes served ... Read more →

'We worry so much about the kids, we forget to worry about ourselves'

Thursday 13th December 2018 - Bill Linnane - Irish Independent

A December wedding is a bad idea. There are some benefits to it - most of the guests decline the invite as it is an opportune time of year for excuses - the weather is poor; and you feel less weird about being hammered at 5pm when it's dark. Generally though, it's a poor choice to wed in December ... Read more →

Staring at screens too long 'can change structure of child's brain'

Wednesday 12th December 2018 - Joseph Archer - Irish Independent

Young people who spend more than seven hours a day staring at a screen have different brain structures compared to the average child, according to a landmark US study. The research, funded by the National Institute of Health and led by the University of California, San Diego, found children w... Read more →

The 'stairs only' rule and other simple ways to offset the Christmas bulge

Tuesday 11th December 2018 - Karl Henry: The 'stairs only' rule and other simple ways to offset the Christmas bulge - Irish Independent

The Christmas party season is in full swing and it's possibly the hardest month to stay trim and healthy! But fear not, as ever I am here to help. This week I thought I would list simple ways to offset the festive partying. Remember that every little helps in terms of your health, so making those s... Read more →

I've done the NCT for my car, now it's time for an 'NC Me'

Tuesday 11th December 2018 - John Masterson - Irish Independent

I am good at servicing the car. I usually don't feel very anxious when it comes up for the NCT. If it fails, it is usually something easily fixable and I am happy to have it pointed out, if a little miffed to have to go and do it. Like many people I take better care of my car than of myself. What ... Read more →

10 reasons to exercise during chemotherapy

Thursday 6th December 2018 - Aoife McGovern - Irish Independent

Earlier this year, the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA), issued formal guidelines recommending exercise as part of cancer treatment, for all cancer patients. Among the recommendations they said that: "Best practice cancer care should include referral to an accredited exercise physiolo... Read more →

'It's really bad for you' - TV3 doctor explains why sitting too much could kill you

Thursday 6th December 2018 - Áilín Quinlan - Irish Independent

Real Life: At 18-and-a-half stone Patrick Kiely realised his sedentary lifestyle had finally caught up with him. He was mid-forties, overweight and unfit. Even climbing the stairs at home was difficult he tells Áilín Quinlan. Thirteen marathons later he is a fit, healthy, energetic dad... Read more →

Monday 3 December 2018 'It's really bad for you' - TV3 doctor explains why sitting too much could kill you

Monday 3rd December 2018 - Patrick kiely - Irish Independent

As the general manager of a meat factory, Patrick Kiely's role was a sedentary one. He was familiar with the hazards of too much sitting around - the increased risk of weight gain, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke or diabetes - because his doctor kept reminding him. But Pat didn't l... Read more →

Caring too much: have you got compassion fatigue?

Monday 3rd December 2018 - Arlene Harris - Irish Independent

For as long as we can remember, most of us have learned that it's important to be kind and care about others. But sometimes we can care too much and end up being emotionally and physically damaged from the pressure of worrying about people and events beyond our control. Compassion fatigue is ... Read more →

6 ways for men to stay healthy

Monday 3rd December 2018 - Áilín Quinlan - Irish Independent

We all want to be healthy and happy - but as we get older sometimes we don't prioritise it enough and this is especially true of men. They have a tendency to neglect their health far more than women and also find achieving a work/life balance much more difficult. While it may look effortless, in t... Read more →