Frame Size Definition

Use our free online Frame Size Calculator to perform your calculations in the wink of an eye! If you are interested in your health, especially what type of frame you have, you can quickly find out your body’s frame size.

Knowing your body frame is useful when considering what types of physical activities are suitable for you to participate in. Your frame size also influences what types of clothing are good for you. If you are interested in seeing how your body frame would be different according to changes in your height, perform new calculations with different numbers. For example, you can quickly see how much taller you would need to be to go from a small frame to a large frame.

Reasons to Calculate Your Frame Size

  1. If you are a large person, you can calculate your frame size to verify that you are a “big-boned person.” People with larger frames will tend to weigh more than people with smaller frames.
  2. You are curious about the human body and would like to know what category your frame falls into, just as you are interested in knowing things such as your blood type or cholesterol level.
  3. You are a petite person and want to confirm that you have a small frame, or you are an average person and you want to confirm that you have a medium frame.

The Free Frame Size Calculator Requires That You Give Three Pieces of data:

  1. Click the “Male” or the “Female” radio button to select your gender. The calculations are performed differently because men and women have different body types.
  2. Type in the circumference of your wrist, in inches, in the “Wrist Circumference” text box. While people typically know such dimensions as their shoe size or the length and waist of their pants, it’s not so common that they know the measurement of their wrist. If you don’t already know this information, get a tape measure and wrap it around your wrist to get the correct number.
  3. Type in your height, in inches, in the height text box.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to find out your frame size. If you are curious about what it would take to change your frame size, you can change the gender and perform another calculation, or adjust the other two settings as many times as you like.

Benefits of Our Frame Size Calculator Include:

  • You won’t have to consult a fitness professional, such as your doctor, nurse or a trainer at your local gym when you want to find out your frame size. Our calculator enables anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to quickly type in their information and get instant results.
  • You can help out your friends by offering our Frame Size calculator to them as a widget on your website. For example, you are writing a blog entry in which you explain why you want to know your frame size, and then tell your friends that they can use the widget to make their own calculations right on your website. Ask them to comment to you if they found this free service useful.
  • You can spread information about how interesting and useful it is to calculate frame size by sharing the calculator on sites such as Digg, FaceCalculator, StumbleUpon and Twitter. For example, after watching a fitness video and commenting on it, you can let people know how they can find out their own frame size with our calculator. They may share information in the forum about how they use their own frame size calculations.

Frame Size Formula:

r = height / wrist circumferenceMale: r >10.4 = Small Framer = 9.6 – 10.4 = Medium Framer Female:r >11 = Small Framer = 10.1 – 11.0 = Medium Framer