10 Essential Beauty Tips to transform your look

10 Essential Beauty Tips to transform your look

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Here's a list of invaluable beauty tips that will bring you from drab to fab in minutes by Georgina Heffernan...

It's what every woman wants. But for many, a glamorous A-list look is just a dream. Of course we want skin like Jennifer Lopez or Cheryl Cole’s glossy mane but few of us have a fortune to splash out on plush health farm weekends, expensive hair salons and luxurious facials. However, all is not lost.

Here’s a list of invaluable beauty tips that will bring you from drab to fab in minutes...

  1. Double Duty: For a polished, tonal lip and cheek, dab excess lipstick with your index finger (not a tissue) and blend over your cheeks.
  2. Peach Baby: Switch pinky blush for a peach tone and apply to the apples of your cheeks for a youthful glow.
  3. Get Lippy: For a plumper top lip without using filler, blend an illuminator along the curve of your cupids bow.
  4. Blitz Those Zits: Cameron Diaz has had her fair share of bad skin days but is said to be a devotee of natural remedies to aid her lifelong battle against spots. The star uses powdered milk as a gentle but effective exfoliant on her acne-prone skin. DIY: To make your own natural face mask use two egg yolks, a cup of olive oil and a large banana.
  5. For Glowing Skin: Drink water - lots of it. It helps to flush out toxins and also keeps you hydrated. Spruce it up with lemon or ginger if you don't like drinking plain water.
  6. Perfect Fingernails: Julia Roberts soaks her fingernails in olive oil for a few minutes once a week. Olive oil moisturizes your nails without making them weak. It will also soften your cuticles and helps to prevent hang nails.
  7. Set Your Style: When using any heated hair tool, remember when the hair is hot it is mouldable and when it's cold it fixes in place - so when you've achieved your perfect look, blast cold air onto the root area in circular motion, to secure your style and add impressive volume.
  8. Healthy locks: To tame flyaway hair, rub your usual hand cream on the palms of your hands and lightly smooth over your hair. Alternatively, take a Bounce laundry sheet and smooth over your hair to prevent static.
  9. Use Concealer Sparingly: Dab it on with your finger (never rub) and avoid the temptation to keep adding to it, or you'll simply turn a small spot into a mountain of concealer.
  10. Go Easy On the Blush: Red cheeks can look healthy and defined or, at worst, drag queen-like. To get them right, dip in the brush, blow off excess powder and then sweep across the cheekbones, moving upwards.